Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Tartan Scarf

I didn't mean to start neglecting this blog before I even got it off the ground but it has been so cold that I've hardly worn anything besides big sweaters and Uggs. And also (and this is the main reason), I have been struggling with the perfectionist in me. Now you wouldn't believe I own this side if you ever witnessed my organizational skills and lack of ability to keep a neat and tidy house but when it comes to things of this nature? It is there. Obnoxiously loud and clear.

On three different occasions this week, I have attempted to put together a post but there is not a lot of natural light in my house and the photos I snapped on the deck just didn't pass inspection. So I thought I'd give it another whirl this morning and was sure I had some really great (super sharp and in focus) shots when I looked at them in the camera display window but then I got them on the laptop and thought, Nooo. No. No. No. These will never do!

But then I remembered that the best things in life are imperfect and that I have always tried to keep it real over at Be Still a Minute so why not just go that route here too. I don't know about you but over-the-top-perfect blogs tend to make me feel a little less-than at times anyway. So here I am, imperfections and all...

You've probably been seeing these blanket/tartan/plaid scarves around because they are all over the place right now. I finally found this one at Amazon and played around with it a little this morning. I seemed to prefer it best just wrapped loosely around the shoulders.  Something about all that fabric around my chest area made me feel ginormous and out of balance. 

Or tied loosely in the front like this seemed to work okay too.

I kept the jewelry simple since the scarf is the star of this outfit.
This cross necklace is a thrift store find. I can't recall where I found these earrings but I wear them all.the.time. 

fringe sweater (found at Ross) similar  // fringe earrings (old) similar // blue long-sleeve tee (Old Navy) // bootcut jeans by Simply Vera Vera Wang (Kohls) // tartan scarf (Amazon) // wedge bootie (DV by Dolce Vita) on sale at Nordstrom, sold out  // similar or exact here at full price 

There is no doubt that I will be revisiting and experimenting further with the tartan scarf. It reminds me of my all-time favorite books, the Outlander series, and that is always a good thing. 


  1. great outfit, Diane! and thanks for keeping it real. I totally agree with you about all those perfect blogs! It's funny, not 5 minutes ago I saw a post on fb from a friend that showed these tartan scarves and ways to wear them. I'd never even seen them before :-P They do look great, though!