Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Green and Blue

It was 70 degrees here yesterday and I enjoyed every last minute of it, as did all my boots that got a day off. I've always liked hunter green and dark blue paired together though I rarely ever actually think to put them together which is a shame since they go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

This long crochet-lace-like drape front cardigan was yet another Ross find. It was on a clearance rack and I while can't remember exactly how much it was, I know for sure it was less than 15 dollars. Craziness.

This long necklace is by 1928 and another thrift store find. The shorter {calla lily} necklace is made of iron, amethyst and fresh water pearls. It was an (iron) anniversary gift from Charlie for our sixth this past June, found on etsy.

The large stud earrings (that I know you can't see very good in my pic) were found at Nordstrom for eight dollars! They are Statements by DCK and are almost identical to the Kate Spade ones that go for $38. 

Pants are by Lauren Conrad, found at Kohls last season: somewhat similar // Nude flats are by Cole Haan: similar, similar or similar // leopard belt: Target // 1928 thrifted necklace:somewhat similar here

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Tartan Scarf

I didn't mean to start neglecting this blog before I even got it off the ground but it has been so cold that I've hardly worn anything besides big sweaters and Uggs. And also (and this is the main reason), I have been struggling with the perfectionist in me. Now you wouldn't believe I own this side if you ever witnessed my organizational skills and lack of ability to keep a neat and tidy house but when it comes to things of this nature? It is there. Obnoxiously loud and clear.

On three different occasions this week, I have attempted to put together a post but there is not a lot of natural light in my house and the photos I snapped on the deck just didn't pass inspection. So I thought I'd give it another whirl this morning and was sure I had some really great (super sharp and in focus) shots when I looked at them in the camera display window but then I got them on the laptop and thought, Nooo. No. No. No. These will never do!

But then I remembered that the best things in life are imperfect and that I have always tried to keep it real over at Be Still a Minute so why not just go that route here too. I don't know about you but over-the-top-perfect blogs tend to make me feel a little less-than at times anyway. So here I am, imperfections and all...

You've probably been seeing these blanket/tartan/plaid scarves around because they are all over the place right now. I finally found this one at Amazon and played around with it a little this morning. I seemed to prefer it best just wrapped loosely around the shoulders.  Something about all that fabric around my chest area made me feel ginormous and out of balance. 

Or tied loosely in the front like this seemed to work okay too.

I kept the jewelry simple since the scarf is the star of this outfit.
This cross necklace is a thrift store find. I can't recall where I found these earrings but I wear them all.the.time. 

fringe sweater (found at Ross) similar  // fringe earrings (old) similar // blue long-sleeve tee (Old Navy) // bootcut jeans by Simply Vera Vera Wang (Kohls) // tartan scarf (Amazon) // wedge bootie (DV by Dolce Vita) on sale at Nordstrom, sold out  // similar or exact here at full price 

There is no doubt that I will be revisiting and experimenting further with the tartan scarf. It reminds me of my all-time favorite books, the Outlander series, and that is always a good thing. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Pattern Play

One of the best things I've learned from all those hours of scrolling Pinterest over the past few years is that the mixing of different patterns can be unexpectedly awesome if done right. There is definitely some trial and error involved in it for sure but it can be a lot of fun, especially when you put two or three together that bring a pleasing surprise to your eye. 

I was digging around in my closet looking for some items for a pattern play when I came across a polka dot cardigan I had completely forgotten about so I pulled it out, along with a few other different things until I came up with this combination.

I also tried it with this vest purchased from StitchFix last year. But I think I may prefer it better without it.

No idea what was going on with my ability to take a decent-in-focus photograph today but this is about the best I got. Looks like I'm going to have to break down and read that camera manual after all. I've only had the camera for two years now, so ya think? (Never have been on a first name basis with a manual)


pink vest: StitchFix // gingham/floral shirt: Old Navy (no longer available) // polka dot cardigan: TJMaxx (I think) // black skinny jeans: Loft (everything is 40% off there right now with code SHAREIT) // wedge bootie: DV by Dolce Vita at Nordstrom // pink stud earrings: Kate Spade, Nordstrom // statement necklace: StitchFix

So how do you feel about pattern play? Yay or nay?

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

For the Love of Leopard

There's just something about a leopard print that makes it hard for me to say no. I realized the other day that I have four different leopard print scarves. Yes, four. Though in my defense, no two are alike. A couple of months ago I set out to find a leopard print coat after pinning pin after pin of them on to my fashion board. And finally, a few weeks ago, I found one I loved online (at a price I could live with) at Forever 21. First clothing item I've purchased from there and I'm really happy with it so far.

I came across this little leopard fedora at Kohl's the other day. It was on sale, plus I had a 20 percent off coupon which made me all kinds of giddy. Always have been a hat person at heart. Every time I put one on I wonder why I don't wear them more often.

The top I'm wearing is just a plain, basic (really soft) sweatshirt by BP scored from Nordstrom during their anniversary sale back in July. The corduroy skinny pants are by KUT from the Kloth, also at Nordstrom

I've had these bracelets for I don't know how long. Pretty sure they are Forever 21.

Scarf found at Ross last year. 
You can find some crazy deals in there on occasion. 
If you haven't checked it out, you definitely should.

And a little dog too,  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Boho and Pearls

Okay, I've made a hundred and fifty million many attempts at some decent self-portraits using both the iPhone and Nikon on self-timer, indoors/outdoors, mirror/no mirror, different rooms/different lighting. And y'all? I am just about spent. I have ordered a tripod from Amazon that I should have in a couple of days so I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that will help me out here.  

This part is the reason I've put off starting a fashion blog for so long. I felt all awkward and several steps out of my comfort zone as I continuously tried to strike the best pose for selfie after selfie after selfie. I guess that is something I'll get used to over time so please just bear with me on the quality of the photos for now. I'll get there.

The top I'm wearing here is actually a dress (though I knew there was no way in tarnation I'd ever be wearing it without something underneath) and it has recently become one of my most favorite things to wear. It's just one of those rare pieces that you come across and wonder how you ever survived without it. Okay, so that was a little melodramatic but you know what I mean, right? 

I started out with white jeans but ended up switching them out for dark blue skinnies. I'm still torn over which I like best. I think I would like the white better but this particular pair seemed a little too loose fitting paired with a top-trying-to-be-a-dress.

Boho Love Ethereal Floral Dress: Chicwish, dark blue skinnies: (Lauren Conrad) Kohl's, leopard flats by BP: Nordstrom

The bracelets are both gifts from Charlie. I'm not sure where he found the leather/pearl one but I wear it more days than I don't. The dachshund cuff I found here on etsy a couple of years ago and sent him the link as a Christmas gift idea
 (he did ask). 

 The pearls were my wedding day gift from C and the pearl ring was a gift from Darin. He had won/found that pearl at some kind of festival (I can't remember details; need to ask his mom) when he was a kid, had it all those years and then had it set in a ring as a Christmas gift to me one year. Every piece of jewelry I own has a story behind it (well, not counting costume stuff though some of that does too).

The gold necklace is actually a knock-off of one I coveted for quite a long while, the Stella and Dot Kimberly necklace  but I just never could bring myself to pay $89 for it. Then one magical day a few weeks ago, Scheaffer over at Pinterest Told Me To featured the one I'm wearing here, the Freida Lattice, found at Accessory Concierge for only $35, and I knew it was fate (okay, not really but I do like it a whole awful lot).


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Somewhat Piratical

Well as you can see I have decided to take the plunge with the fashion blog. I still plan to keep the posts going over at Be Still a Minute but this is something that has been whispering to me for a long time so here it finally is, for fancy's sake! Some of you (okay like 2 of you) who have been with me since my early days of blogging will remember when I used to do Fancy Fridays and I plan to do a little of that here but it will mostly be the sharing of outfits I've put together on my own or ones that have been inspired from other sources (I'm mainly looking at you, Pinterest). There are still a few kinks to get worked out but I figured now was as good a time as any to get started. 

We headed to Huntersville today to check out the Carolina Renaissance Festival. It's been taking place there now for the past twenty years in the months of October and November and yet somehow, I had never been. It was pirate weekend and while I had no plans to deck out in full pirate gear, I did break out my black Steve Madden Intyce boots that I've had forever and ever and my red skinny jeans. And honestly, it must have been a subconscious thing because I didn't realize until I had it on that there was a bit of a piratey feel at work.

We'd been there for awhile, it was getting a little too people for my introverted ways and I was beginning to break a sweat from where I stood (with the sun shining all bright and rude in my face) waiting for the jousting event to start up when a large man in full character mode and an-almost-believable accent began shouting at me, "Hey you there, with the red pants!" I thought I heard "red pants" but pretended (or rather hoped) I had imagined it. But this pirate man meant business. I half understood a word he said but he was aggressively recruiting people to come to his little costume contest show. Charlie said he'd shouted out that my red pants looked "somewhat piratical" which I found hysterical (but only on the inside).

So now I am certain that from here on out, whenever I wear my red jeans or these particular black boots (that were not made for walking, by the way) I will feel somewhat piratical. Oh, and we went over to his little corner and had a seat since he made it seem as if we had no choice about it, but then we risked our lives by sneaking out to the jousting event while he wasn't looking. I was a little scared but we made it out unscathed.

dark gray sweater: LOFT, similar; red skinny jeans: SteinMart, similar; light gray crochet cardigan: Belk, somewhat similar; black boots: (Steven Intyce by Steve Madden) Zappos ; white leopard print scarf: (Calvin Klein, found at Ross) exact one found at Zappos ; turquoise/leather wrap bracelet: etsy, similar or option 2; turquoise/silver earrings; can't remember! similar