Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Boho and Pearls

Okay, I've made a hundred and fifty million many attempts at some decent self-portraits using both the iPhone and Nikon on self-timer, indoors/outdoors, mirror/no mirror, different rooms/different lighting. And y'all? I am just about spent. I have ordered a tripod from Amazon that I should have in a couple of days so I'm hoping (fingers crossed) that will help me out here.  

This part is the reason I've put off starting a fashion blog for so long. I felt all awkward and several steps out of my comfort zone as I continuously tried to strike the best pose for selfie after selfie after selfie. I guess that is something I'll get used to over time so please just bear with me on the quality of the photos for now. I'll get there.

The top I'm wearing here is actually a dress (though I knew there was no way in tarnation I'd ever be wearing it without something underneath) and it has recently become one of my most favorite things to wear. It's just one of those rare pieces that you come across and wonder how you ever survived without it. Okay, so that was a little melodramatic but you know what I mean, right? 

I started out with white jeans but ended up switching them out for dark blue skinnies. I'm still torn over which I like best. I think I would like the white better but this particular pair seemed a little too loose fitting paired with a top-trying-to-be-a-dress.

Boho Love Ethereal Floral Dress: Chicwish, dark blue skinnies: (Lauren Conrad) Kohl's, leopard flats by BP: Nordstrom

The bracelets are both gifts from Charlie. I'm not sure where he found the leather/pearl one but I wear it more days than I don't. The dachshund cuff I found here on etsy a couple of years ago and sent him the link as a Christmas gift idea
 (he did ask). 

 The pearls were my wedding day gift from C and the pearl ring was a gift from Darin. He had won/found that pearl at some kind of festival (I can't remember details; need to ask his mom) when he was a kid, had it all those years and then had it set in a ring as a Christmas gift to me one year. Every piece of jewelry I own has a story behind it (well, not counting costume stuff though some of that does too).

The gold necklace is actually a knock-off of one I coveted for quite a long while, the Stella and Dot Kimberly necklace  but I just never could bring myself to pay $89 for it. Then one magical day a few weeks ago, Scheaffer over at Pinterest Told Me To featured the one I'm wearing here, the Freida Lattice, found at Accessory Concierge for only $35, and I knew it was fate (okay, not really but I do like it a whole awful lot).


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